Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking Care of the Land

When you’re just a person living at home, you really don’t notice all of the work that needs to happen outside of the house! I can take care of the inside of a house, cleaning cooking, washing, sweeping etc. I can handle that, but the outside is a little more unknown to me.

Ever since summer hit Jeff and I have had to keep a very close eye on our block of land. The grass grows, the big plants on our land grow, the grass has to be mown and the trees have to be cut down. Because of all of the rain we’ve gotten lately, the grass grew extremely high, like a jungle. When Dad and I tried to mow it, the grass just got tangled up under the mower and it was a failed attempt! We ended up paying someone to mow it for us, now we don’t want to be doing that all the time!

One the weekend, Jeffrey, Dad and I headed over to rack up all of the dead grass so mowing in the future would be easier and to start chopping down some of the plants. Because they are so huge we only got one cut down and into the trailer.

I’m not a big fan of this outside work but it does feel nice to achieve something! I guess it’s the price you pay to have your own land (maybe a home sometime!)

By the way, can you believe tomorrow is February? Crazy!

After mowing

Racked up dead grass

More racking

Trying to fit more in the trailer!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!!

2011 has brought with it lots and lots of rain and devastation to many different place all over Queensland! Rockhamapton, Emerald, Gympie and Toowoomba are just some of the places that have featured a lot in the news lately due to the devastation cause by the rain! Many places have been completely inundated with flooding and so many homes and belongings have been destroyed.

So far we have been very bless here and I am thankful to say that we’ve had a fair bit of flooding and at one point were flooded in, but nowhere near our house! All is safe and sound but it seems that things aren’t going to settled down any time soon! We’re expecting a lot more rain and flooding especially in Brisbane on Wednesday.

Please keep Queensland and the big floods in your prayers over the next few days and if you can,
 Every cent counts and these people who have suffered are going to need a lot of money to re-build their homes and lives!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome Here 2011!

2011 is upon us and the New Year began with a bang, literally! Jeff and I spent midnight at Gloria Jean’s with front row seats of the beautiful fireworks display! It was a pretty nice was to welcome in the New Year of 2011 together! I’ve been wanting to post something, anything about this year when I stumbled across a blog post by Zoey about her goals for the year (which was actually written in 2010! I want this post to be full of some of my goals for 2011 and it will be interesting to see how many or if any I can achieve this year!
- Spend more quality time with God, reading my bible and actually learning more through my spiritual walk.

- Pray more often with Jeff and stay in the Word together throughout the year

- Use my beautiful new diary daily, get into the habit of this as I believe it will help organize my day to day activities a little better

- Get into a better sleeping and waking up routine. Earlier to bed and waking up earlier to get things done!

- Finish drawing up the plans to our house, get quotes and get out house build to move into by the end of 2011! (That’s definitely the biggest goal this year and I have no idea if it’s even achievable yet!)

- Buy another car sometime this year. It doesn’t have to be new but it needs to be reliable and practical for the time being!

- Continue my relief teaching but really push for something more full time!

- Keep up the budgeting, it’s certainly working!

- Extend my teaching degree (I honestly don’t know if I’ll do this or not… it’s simply an option I’m thinking about)

- Learn something new this year. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just something!

- Eat healthier and excise… always a yearly goal!

There are some pretty big goals there so I don’t have heaps but I think building a house will keep up fairly occupied for 2011!!!!