Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My 24th Birthday

Note: I wrote this post almost 1 month ago… I’m super super slack!

Yesterday, 12th November I celebrated my 24th birthday! It actually spanned over 2 days as on my actual birthday I spend the morning having lunch with the Gadenne side of the family and the evening with just my parents, brother and Jeffrey for a super yummy dinner. The next night we went out for Chinese with my extended family and had lots of cake!

I didn’t really feel that it needed to be a big deal this year and what I really wanted to do was just have all our friends and family over to look at our professional wedding photos and video. However they haven’t arrived yet so I think we’ll have a late birthday thing in a few weeks when everyone is free to have a look at them!

I felt very spoilt as I got lots of presents, money and 3 birthday cakes, yum! I also got a huge bunch of flowers from my lovely husband that smell amazing! Along with all of that, on my birthday we went to the bank to find out about extending our loan to build a house and it was a lovely birthday gift to find out that there shouldn’t really be too much difficultly in doing that. So now it all systems go for plans and quotes, woohoo!

My other wonderful news this week has been that Snuggles test results came back and whilst her lump was a cancer, they managed to get all of the margins so she should be just fine! Her stitches come out in a week and she cannot wait! Neither can I, I can’t wait to give her a real cuddle!

Beautiful flowers from my husband!

The Gadenne side

Balloons from Mum for my birthday!

Cake with my family

Cake from my mother in law.

Presents! So many!

Flowers from my bestie!!!!

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