Friday, December 24, 2010

The Last Day til Christmas

On the Last Day til Christmas… we started the Christmas celebrations early with a Christmas Eve party at Uncle Greg and Jeanette’s! Presents, food and fun was had by everyone! Even Snugs came along! It’s not even Christmas yet and I feel spoilt with so many gifts. We also watched some of our wedding DVD before lunch.

When we got home mum and dad had to head down to Brisbane to pick up Chris from the airport so I listened to Christmas carols, chatted to Jeff on the phone (and his whole family on a 4 way phone call for their ‘Christmas Circle’!) and made a gingerbread Christmas tree! It’s kind of lop sided but I’m pretty sure that won’t affect the taste! I think I’ll take it tomorrow for Christmas lunch with the family!

Jeff didn’t get home until 9pm but when he did get home we had a romantic candle lit dinner together… which was gate crashed by Kevin lol! So we had a candle lit dinner plus Kevin but we still had a great night. Lots of dessert and coffee too!

I wrapped a few presents and tidied up the house a bit and now it is no longer the last day til Christmas

IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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