Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grown up Things

 Phew, I’m exhausted and I’m not even working at the moment. For the past week Jeffrey and I have been bouncing between here and the Lodge which his Dad works at during the night. While Jeffrey’s Dad and Mum are off exploring all that New Zealand has to offer, we’re staying at the lodge during the evenings to keep half an ear out if help is needed downstairs but mostly to have our own space for a little while. It’s been lovely but also exhausting as we’re up at 5:30am everyday so Jeff can get to work on time and I can get back home.

I’ve also been learning about all of those ‘grown up things’ that come with marriage, owning land and having a big loan. Neither of us wants to think about bad things that could happen to us but we’re also aware that we need things in place in case something did happen to one of us and the other one or even family members were left with our huge loan! Things we’ve found we need are

- To make out our wills, one each!

- Take out personal insurance policies for both of us

- Upgrade to couples private health care

- Seek pre-approve to extend our home loan

- Look in to home and contents insurance

- Draw up house plans

- Get quotes to build our house

- Re-writing budgets

- Maintaining budgeting

Oh yeah that’s a fun list. Whilst it’s expensive, it’s also very exciting taking care of our own affairs and setting up our lives together in a grown up and responsible way! Hopefully in the New Year we’ll have our feet a little more planted on the ground as far as building is concerned as I’m keen to start asap!

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