Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Christmas Wish!

Up until today I haven’t really had anything in mind I really wanted for Christmas. I showed Jeff a few little bits and pieces I’d like, not expensive but very useful and hopefully I can still get them for Christmas but in the past week we’ve had some large expenses from our silly little car. It’s been a great car, very reliable and I think, very cute (not that that’s important!) But it’s nearing the end of its life, at least as a reliable car. Soon it’s going to start costing us a lot more than it’s worth to keep it running so whilst I can’t see this little miracle happening, the top of my Christmas wish list this year is a car!

It doesn’t have to be brand new but it has to be reliable (and shiny of course!) Jeff and I have been doing some window shopping and we found a few very cute cars we’d love to find parked outside the house on Christmas morning!

In the mean time I think we might just hope for some cash for Christmas to put towards a new car in a couple of months time!

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