Friday, December 17, 2010

The 8th Day til Christmas

On the 8th day til Christmas… I was not too impressed! Mum and I had planned out our day carefully to have the thank you cards printed and posted but perfect plans never seem to work out as you imaged. We arrived at Kmart at 9:30am to find out that they were super busy with Christmas orders and weren’t doing same day prints. Than to make matters worse I found out that when they were printed some of my words on the photos would be cut out! I was not happy at all!

When we got home I sat down and re-wrote every single thank you card which again took a few hours. Now their done and I’m praying they can be printed with no problems this time (even if I have to wait a day for them!) So all in all the thank you cards have been a much bigger job than I first thought!

Just after lunch time Mum and I ventured up to Maleny Manor to give the staff a thank you gift (lots of chocolates from Dara Lee) for all of their hard work in making our wedding so beautiful and perfect. I thought we’d just drop in on them but the ladies that work there are so lovely that we stayed for an hour for a chat. We couldn’t be happier we choose Maleny Manor and if you’re getting married I would HIGHLY recommend them. Even though it’s expensive, it’s worth every penny to have such friendly, helpful and passionate people running your wedding day!

At 3:30pm Rachel and I tried again to go walking and this time it was a success! We walked Shadow and Snuggles along the water front at Mooloolaba and stopped for a coffee before heading home. While we were having coffee the wild weather started again so we got a front row seat at God’s lightening show!

Did I mention that the lightening yesterday caused my network card in my computer and our router to get fried? So now I am using Dad computer until Jeff can fix my computer up! Praise the Lord that he has tomorrow off!!!!!

Another lovely day on the 8th day til Christmas!

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