Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 7th Day til Christmas

On the 7th Day til Christmas… it was Saturday at long last! The hardest thing about being married and busy AND living with my family, is finding time just for the two of us. We had a lovely sleep in today, which Jeff totally needed as he works so so hard. When we woke up Jeff spent the rest of the morning sorting out my lightening struck computer and figured out that it wasn’t my network card or my router, it was just one of the main router ports. So he switched it all over and has got everything working perfectly again! I am extremely grateful as he’s saved us quite a bit of money and running around.

We headed out at 1pm to help setup the church and get the sound system ready for the Christmas carols tomorrow night. It always takes longer than you think and so at 3pm we were still at the church and still hadn’t had lunch! By the time we made it to the plaza we were both completely starving, so our first pit stop was the food court! We did a little bit of shopping and headed home (in the rain for a change..!)

We spent our Saturday evening back at the church together setting up and running through the carols night! It wasn’t all that bad as we had the whole church to ourselves and had pizza together before practicing. I’m hoping and praying it all goes well tomorrow night as we’ve put quite a lot of time and effort into the night! I’m sure the Lord will do with it, what He’d like.

We didn’t get home til midnight so again the 7th day was busy and another late night!

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