Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 6th Day til Christmas!

On the 6th day til Christmas… we had a huge Sunday of many church activities! First of all we had church in the morning and by some miracle we weren’t just on time but we were 15mins early!!!!!!!!!!We had the normal church morning followed by fellowship over morning tea. Before we left I showed Simon and Jan our wedding album and they loved it! That made me very happy!

Lodge church was on during the middle of the day but Jeff and I had to brave the shops to buy lights and decorations for the carols night. It took ages and we travelled from one end of the coast to the other looking. We ended up with tinsel, lights and battery candles!

By the time we made it back to the church it was 4:30pm and we had to quickly setup the decorations. They looked great and whilst it wasn’t the most professional looking decorating job, it was effective and looked Christmassy! The Christmas Carols began at 6pm along with the HUGE downpour of rain haha! We didn’t have a huge crowd but we had a great night. Jeff and I ran most of the night and invited members of the church to tell the Christmas story along with lots of carols and a slideshow from Simon!

After the Carols we had supper and I brought the coffee machine with me. I love making coffees, mainly because people seem to enjoy them! It was one year ago today that Kevin bought the coffee machine for us as a Christmas present and I use it all the time. I didn’t really think we would but I’m a coffee addict!

The night was still young when everyone left so Kevin, Jeff and myself headed out for coffee and dinner. As usual we had a great night and a great chat. We all commented on how it doesn’t feel like summer. It was freezing all night long! When Jeff and I got home the power was out so my little battery candles came in very handy while I made Jeff’s lunch for tomorrows work!

And that was the 6th day!
Battery Candles to light the way when the power is out!

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