Monday, December 20, 2010

The 5th Day til Christmas

On the 5th Day til Christmas… I had one of those extra exciting days! First of all I unpacked everything from the Christmas Carols last night. We had to buy a fair few things but now we have some pretty Christmas lights and candles plus I have more delicious coffee and syrups for the coffee machine. Yummmm!!!

After that exciting job it was time to do some washing, 3 loads to be exact. Because we live with my parents I have to do washing around when Mum isn’t doing hers and with it being so rainy I have had to wait about 2 weeks. But today was wash and sunny and Mum didn’t want to wash so it was all mine. I took advantage of that and got it all on the line but it did take quite a few hours! Hopefully by tomorrow it will all be lovely and dry!

Jeff wasn’t feeling well today so he was home sick. In the evening we hired some DVDs out and spent the rest of the night watching TV and getting some sleep so Jeff felt better for work the next day. While he was watching some action, boyish movie, I went downstairs and made some white Christmas. Yummm! I’m not a fan of cherries or dried fruit so I made it with marshmallows and red and green lollies. It tastes great! Very Christmassy! I also bought the ingredients to make macaroons and gingerbread so I’ll have to get onto that this week!

I wouldn’t say the 5th day was all that exciting but things got done!

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