Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 4th Day til Christmas

On the 4th Day til Christmas… I didn’t have a particularly productive day. Had a few things that needed to get sorted but nothing urgent. I was fast asleep when Dad burst through the door to inform me that the guy helping us with our insurance was here. I quickly threw on some clothes and came downstairs to see him, trying to look awake. I found out later that Jeff has forgotten to tell me he was coming by to get some paper work signed and sorted. Silly Jeffrey!!!!

Hopefully after the New Year we should have all our insurance sorted and paid for. Since I was up I decided to take all of the washing off the line which took me ages. I was lucky though and it was all dry which was good because we are forecast to have loads more rain and Jeff needed clothes!!!!

While I was pottering around the house, my father in law dropped by to give us some mail that had arrived at his house. It was a Christmas present from Carli and James – a gift voucher to the app store woohoo! I’m sure Jeff will have that spent in no time, thanks guys!

I decided in the night time to start making some French Macaroons to see how they taste. I made the first batch but just as a finished, Jeff got home and we decided to head up to Mooloolaba for a coffee date! While we drank coffee I finished off some last minute presents to friends and we dropped them in the letter box on the way home!

When we got home I finished off the last batch of Macaroons but I really didn’t like how they tasted. Jeff likes them though. I put them in containers with Christmas bows and gave them to Jeff to take to work tomorrow. I hope that IBM team likes my cooking!

We’re getting closer to Christmas now because that’s the 4th day gone!

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