Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 3rd Day til Christmas

On the 3rd Day til Christmas… Mum and I went for a drive to pick up Jeffrey’s and my wedding photo prints from the photographer. They’ve come out really nicely, the colours are great! Most of the prints are going to be gifts so we’ve just got the sort through them soon. On the way home we at long last posted off our ‘Thank You’ cards. I was very pleased to see them go as it’s been over 2 months since our wedding and very much over due!

Thank You cards to be posted

Still raining!

Our photo prints!

It’s still very rainy so doing anything outside is a no go. I spent most of the afternoon having a tidy up of the house and using the computer before getting ready to go over to Uncle Greg and Jeanette’s. I spent ages playing with my hair straightener. My hair never does what I want it to do… maybe that’s just life!

Half an hour of straightening later and I like it... but it wont last long!

We went out for dinner with Uncle Greg and Jeanette and I had the best dinner! It was some sort of mushroom, onion and goats cheese pastry. Best I’ve ever tasted! We than went and drove around looking at Christmas lights on houses and taking photos! Not all that many to look at this year which is a bit of a shame! I remember when they used to close off a whole street in Kawana for the lights. After the lights we went out for ice cream and headed back to the house for coffee!

I’m hoping that tomorrow our wedding video will arrive, so I think I’ll go to bed now so tomorrow comes quicker! Goodnight 3rd day til Christmas!

 Ps: we got invited to a wedding today. Had to add this because I'm excited about it!


Talia said...

I like your hair straightened like that Carmen! Looks lovely. :-) Merry Christmas.

Jeffrey and Carmen said...

I like it too! Shame it doesn't stay like that for long. It just wants to go curley!