Monday, December 13, 2010

The 12 Days til Christmas

This time last year I started writing this little blog series as a lead up to Christmas Day! I don’t know if you enjoyed reading it but I really loved writing it. So again I’ve decided that I will write about the 12 Days til Christmas where I will give you a little run down of each day and what Jeff and I get up to. If it’s your cup of tea, keep reading along and if not… seeya later!

On the 12th day til Christmas… I had a majorly busy day! Jeff went off to work as usual and I headed out to do some shopping with Mum followed by lunch out and heading over to Nana and Poppy’s house to show them our wedding album. We stayed at their house for a while and I even managed to copy some of the photos Nana took on the wedding day onto my brand new memory stick that I bought today!

When we left their house just after 2pm I thought I’d be going home for a rest but found out Dad was heading over to Ps Simon and Jan’s house to finish off some plumbing work for them. I decided to take Snuggles and head over with him for a visit and to chat about the Christmas Carols we are organizing for Sunday evening… 6pm at Palmwoods Baptist Church if you’d like to come along! I had a lovely chat with both Jan and Simon and we stayed for a cup of tea after dad finished their job.

We headed off just after 4pm as Mum and Dad had organised to go to the beach for chips with Uncle Greg and Jeanette. I decided to go and Snuggles decided she’d be social too and came out with us. (Not before rolling in duck poo and needing a quick bath!) It didn’t even rain so we had a really nice dinner at the beach in the cool air. Did I mention today was really very hot! We spent the rest of the night at their house having coffee and when we got home Jeff was back from work! I also did some cooking when we got home… which is why I’m writing this right now, so late at night! The 12th day was very busy and nice and warm!

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