Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The 11th Day til Christmas

On the 11th Day til Christmas… I didn’t stop again until the night time! It was Jeff’s day off despite me forgetting that and waking him up to ‘go to work’ lol opps! Jeff had a sleep in while myself, Rachel, Frank and Snuggles went to the dog beach for a nice long morning walk and paddle in the water. The two dogs loved it and I was even able to let Snuggles off her lead for most of the walk. My body has been craving some walking and exercise so it was nice for me too!

When Rachel dropped me back home I had to have a shower and head out again but this time with Mum into Beerwah. First we dropped by the school that she works at and might I add the school that I attended for primary school! We than went into the town and had our hair cut. I let my hair grow out over the past 2 years for our wedding day but I wanted a big change so I’ve had a lot of hair cut off so it’s nice, short and layered. I really like it especially now that it’s getting hot. She did a brilliant job on my hair so let me know what you think in the comments section.
Finally today I went grocery shopping with Mum and dad (oh so fun) and got myself and Jeff some healthier foods for snacking on and dinners. Mum and Dad are really great about us living at home as we can pick out foods we want and Mum and I share the cooking. We always eat the same foods together and really there isn’t a problem at all. That’s all the credit to the fact that Jeff will pretty well eat anything happily. Praise the Lord!
When we got home and after I cooked dinner and we ate, I headed straight up to bed and fell asleep for a few hours before Jeff got back home to look at my hair cut! He’s gone to see his Mum before she flies off to Sydney for Christmas tomorrow which has given me some time to write this. My next plan is to grab some ice-cream and watch some TV shows on dad’s laptop in bed! So catch ya later blog readers from a very happy and short haired Carmy on the 11th day!

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