Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 10th Day til Christmas

On the 10th Day til Christmas… we had a very hot day today! I’ve been really tired lately so I slept for quite a long time today, it was fantastic! It was pretty hard getting myself going in the heat but I decided to do some cooking. Dad is on this new healthy diet thing we’re he can’t eat any sugar or carbohydrates for a few months so he’s give me some recipes for muffins and cookies he can eat. I whipped up some plain muffins and macaroons that he’d be able to eat and I must say they taste quite good for food that is healthy!
I spent the rest of the day having a tidy up (not that it helped much) and doing our monthly budget! At 5pm we all went out with Uncle Greg and Jeanette for dinner at Lansborough. I had a really nice dinner actually and we came home for dessert and coffee. Mum also setup the Christmas lights today so we had the big turning them on thing and looking at how pretty they look on the house!

After they went home I started organizing music and items for the church Christmas carols on Sunday night. Jeff and I are pretty well organizing the whole night which I think will be lots of fun, very Christmassy. I’ve got lots of carols, some special song items and we’re even going to try and tell the Christmas story in a different way… hope it works!

So for the 10th day til Christmas I didn’t really have a huge amount to do but got some things sorted that have been on my ‘to do’ list!

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