Monday, November 8, 2010

1 month of marriage

We’ve now officially been married for 1 whole month, I know huge hey lol! Jeff is settled back into full time work and I continue waiting by the phone for 6am phone calls. We received our official wedding certificate in the mail last week so on Jeffrey’s day off we went and changed my name on most of my important documents, 18+ card, bank accounts, medicare etc. I still have a lot more to change but I’m sure over the next few weeks I can make that happen.

Jeff and I went to the bank on Friday to open new accounts as Mr and Mrs. While we were there we managed to line up some appointments for this Friday (my birthday woo) to discuss our loan and insurances. It will certainly be interesting to see when and if we can borrow more money to build outr dream house in the future.

Whilst most of our first month of marriage has been married bliss, we have (more me than Jeff) had a distressing week as our gorgeous dog Snuggles went for a vet visit to find out she needed a fairly big surgery to remove teeth and some lumps. She’s recovering very well and tonight we found out that the bigger lump she had removed was cancer but that they managed to get it all and she’s fine and healthy again. We are of course very relieved and very happy!

Snuggles having dinner in her bed while she recovers

All of her stitches

And all of the teeth she had taken out

I really have very little else to share on life right now. Friday is my 24th birthday so I might throw together a post about that. Check out the 24 by 24 post, I’ve been crossing things off it!