Monday, October 25, 2010

Our First Week of Marriage!

I’m well over due to start writing on this blog again and have decided that this shall be the blog that I continue permanently. I have a few more posts to add over at Our Wedding Journal but once that’s done I’m going to continue our life blog over here. I’m really looking forward to writing able the first year of marriage as we go through it and continue keeping you up to date with the Gadenne family! I hope you’ll find it interesting enough to keep reading and if not, I’m still going to be writing it! I’d also like to give this blog a bit of a makeover so it looks less like a girly blog, even though I love that hehe!

Our First ‘real’ week of marriage!

The honeymoon is over (literally) and we’ve had a full week off together settling back into my parent’s house, unpacking bags and putting away wedding stuff. It’s not all done yet but the majority of stuff is put away and our bags are completely unpacked and washing done!

We decided that whilst we don’t have our own real home yet that we’d make my bedroom our first little home. So our first job was to go and buy a queen sized mattress (Rachel and Aaron gave us their ensemble from their old bed) and we moved around my bedroom to fit in our new bed! It was more of a necessity because a husband, a wife, a snuggle dog, a pussycat and a single bed do not go together very well. At least that’s what we discovered during our first two nights back! While we were on our honeymoon we bought two cushions to put on our bed plus we went shopping and bought two new bedside lamps for ourselves. I really like them too!
So we’ve now made my bedroom, our bedroom and we’re pretty well settled into it now. (I still find it pretty weird that my room is different though!) The next thing we need to do is start drawing up some plans for our house and getting prices to build it. We also need to find out how we sit with our finances! I’d love to see us in a house by the middle of 2011 but I really can’t say if that is even possible right now! It seems to be a very long process!

For the time being I’m just enjoying calling myself a wife, looking at my pretty rings and waking up next to my husband for a cuddle every morning. Newlywed bliss!

Our land is WELL overdue for a mow too!

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