Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo of the Week!

I haven't written here for quite some time now and that's because I've been writing over at Our Wedding Journal! Just over a month until our wedding so things are getting very busy but I've been thinking about adding a post over here for a little while now. A photo of the week post took my fancy!!!!

A very lovely lady from our church sent this home for Jeffrey and I as an early wedding present for our house! She sewed them for us! I thought that was super sweet and such a lovely blessing for the two of us!

Seeing as I've been lazy I'll give you a second photo of the week!

Planning a wedding is such fun but Jeffrey and I haven't had a lot of quality time together in a while. We had to pick his sister and her boyfriend up from the airport tonight so we took the opportunity to have some quality time together with some coffee/chai latte and snacks for an hour or so! The drive down was also really nice and peaceful plus we're loving having the iphone to play with!!!!

I'll try to at least add a photo of the week here more often (once a week is the whole point of it!) Keep your eyes peeled and have a wonderful week!

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