Wednesday, July 14, 2010

24 by 24

A while back I wrote a post titled 23 by 23 which was inspired by Talia Carbis. Seeing as I'm 23 now I thought it was time to write a 24 by 24. I know it's a tad late as my birthday is in just under 5 months but I thought I'd get something written down and see how we go! In no particular order, just as it came to mind!

1. Become Mrs Carmen Gadenne by marrying the love of my life, Jeffrey!
2. Change (or at least start) to officially change my name.
3. Pay a lump sum of money off our loan.
4. Draw up the plans for our house
5. Get some prices for building our house (Sort of started)
6. Get all our thank you cards sent out
7. Get everything from the wedding sorted and put away.
8. Begin our photobook
9. Maintain our land
10. Start some savings towards buying another car.
11. Have Jeff and I settled into my parents house
12. Share our wedding photos and video with family and friends
13. Continue looking for a full time teaching job.
14. Start sorting out christmas presents
15. Make a list of the necessities for our future home and start saving
16. Re-do our budget to suit being married
17. Buy ourselves a new bed
18. Sort out our bank accounts as a married couple
19. Learn to cook something new
20. Buy new coffee beans and syrups (Dad bought me some)
21. Continue with the exercise
22. Buy one new thing for our house
23. Loose weight for our wedding
24. Have a day together the week before the wedding to spent time together and chill out.(We really only got an afternnon to ourselves the day before the wedding, but it was super nice!)

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