Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Mayhem

I haven’t updated my usual blog for ages and felt it was time for some kind of update. As you can imagine I’ve been pretty busy with wedding preparation. If you don’t already know (where have you been) then visit Our Wedding Journal dedicated totally to the planning and wedding with lots of photos!

I’ve also been really busy with working whenever I get called in, buying a block of land and updating the church blog every week as well as writing the church bulletin. Oh and exercising has taken up a large chunk of my time too. Busy girl hey!

May has been a rather busy month because its 5 months until the wedding, our land purchase settled on the 14th May, Mother’s Day, visiting Rocky for pre-marriage stuff and we’ve also had 4 birthdays to celebrate. The up and coming months are no less busy either with more birthdays (my Nana’s 80th and Jeffrey’s Mum’s 60th plus others too), an anniversary (Nana and Poppy’s 60th), my wedding dress fittings, appointments with all the people doing things for the wedding, making the invitations and lots of other things which are all VERY exciting. PLUS the wedding of course, our honeymoon and hopefully the planning and building of our very first house!

So for now let me leave you with some beautiful pictures celebrating the birthdays of my family and some of my very special friends and also some Mother’s Day pictures! I hope to update more often but if I don’t please drop by the wedding blog or even the church blog if you like!

Check out more pictures from May!
Mother's Day

Jeffrey and I out for lunch with the family!

Gorgeous view at the restaurant!


More Family

Rachel's 23rd Birthday

Two besties having coffee together to celebrate!

Cupcake Birthday cake!

Celebrating with friends over MORE coffee and chocolate!

Rachel's scrapbooking party!

My scrapbooking (read wedding planning)

Chai Latte's and Chocolate to keep us going all day!

The boys gave Scrapbooking a go!

Happy Birthday Rachel! Yumm cake made by Talia!

Chris' 21st Birthday

Snuggles the Party Animal!

Party Puss!

Chinese for dinner!

Chris' awesome space ice cream cake!

21 candles!

Birthday cake with the family

Talia's 23rd 'T' Party

Yummy Yummy cupcakes and party food!

Everyone enjoying the 'T' Party!

My Rose and French Vanilla tea (Oh so good) and pink cupcake!!

Loving it! What a wonderful party!

Talia's cupcake birthday Cake!!!

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