Thursday, March 4, 2010

To the Carmy that will be.

If I met my younger self - What would you tell yourself? Would you give advice? What advice would that be? Ask about your perception of the world? Give us an idea of who you think you were or who you think you'll be in the future...

I stole this blogging idea from Talia’s Blog. I thought it was a very interesting way of writing and reflecting on my life up until now. I hope you enjoy it!

To the Carmy that will be...
The world is at your finger tips, you have just finished Year 12 and everything is about to change for you. No more classrooms, school uniforms or catching the rotten bus to school. You are no longer a child as a month ago you turned 18 and have the freedom to make adult choices. Let me tell you now, you are different from everybody else and will make the choice to not drink, not smoke, not party, not gamble and not sleep around. You will keep yourself for one special person, as someday you’d like to get married, to who you do not know yet. Let me give you a piece of solid advice now, don’t waste your time with other boys because one will come along, in fact very soon after you finish high school and you will fall in love with him. You won’t know it right away but he will be the one who will cherish you, love you and take care of you. But don’t get too attached, he will leave you to complete some of God’s plans in his life first, but keep praying for God will bring him back to you and whilst it will take some years, you will be his wife one day.

At the moment you are still new in your faith, you’ve been a Christian for about a year and a half but stick with your faith in God no matter what. It is going to form a solid foundation for your life and will give you hope through all that you will face in the future. You will take on many different roles in your church, which is currently at Glasshouse. Enjoy each and everyone which you take part in, but know when it has come to an end and don’t fight it. You will attend a new church in years to come but don’t fight the change, it will be exactly what God wants in your life and He will bless you for your faithfulness. Embrace the Lord and live each day richly and fully for Him! Don’t let failure, what people think or being scared hold you back in ANYTHING that you do. Take life by two hands and live it like it’s your last day alive!

You didn’t enjoy high school and at this point believe university will be just as miserable, well have I got good news for you. Uni will be one of the best experiences of your life! You will make some very special friends for life and will be really good at what you do. You’ll work hard and get the best results possible but it won’t always be easy and you’ll face many challenges along the way, one in particular will be your final year of prac. You will finish uni and become a wonderful teacher, but don’t expect to work full time for many years. You will start your teaching career as a relief teacher and meet many classes, many children and many other teachers. This will help you become a great teacher and you will learn more than you could ever have imagined.

Not being at school, having the freedom to live life will suit you down to the ground! Life can only get better for you now that school is over and you will discover many things about yourself. You will develop much more confidence in yourself and abilities; you will make lots of new friends and have a wonderful social life. Even though you can’t drive, you won’t be stuck at home all the time like you’re afraid of, you’ll have friends who want to take you places and eventually you and your fiancĂ© (yes, you’ll get engaged) will have a car and he will drive you around. You’re going to develop lots of interests such as cooking, photography, children, craft, singing (yes, you’ll still get to sing), blogging and much much more.

You’ll at long last get to go to a wedding, in fact 5 weddings and you’ll be Maid of Honour for your very special friend Rachel. You’ll face the unthinkable when a friend passes away via his own hand and attend his funeral. This will be a difficult time but will help in developing a very strong friends with two lovely boys, Jeffrey and Kevin (Jeffrey being the one you will marry) And to change the subject you’ve longed to own your own pet and whilst you will have to wait some years, you will have your own cat at last! You will become a unique individual and people will like you for who you are!

I could tell you so much more about life that’s ahead of you but I wouldn’t want to ruin the suprises so these are just some of the pieces of advice I can give you for the future but always remember that you will make mistakes, you will fall short and there will always be rainy days but forgive yourself as the Lord has forgiven you. Keep in the word of God and He will grow you and teach you in all aspects of your life. You will learn more kindness, patience, grace, long suffering, faithfulness and much more because you will live each day with the hope that God has left for us.

I wish you well as you take on this next stage of life and far beyond it as well. Enjoy the great days, learn from the bad ones and cherish each breath that you take as life will be gone in the blink of an eye.

With love I write this to you, the Carmy that will be!

Graduating from Year 12!

All dressed up for Year 12 formal!

Uni kids!

Miss Owen the teacher!

Life is just begining!

Maid of Honour for Rachel and Aaron! With some of my friends!
My very special friend Rachel with me at my 21st Birthday.

A special friendship with the two boys

Engaged to the one I Love, Jeffrey

Our Engagement party

Our lovely kitty!

Carmen Owen!


katiegirl said...

ahhh..i love that carmy!

Jeffrey said...

You are such a cutie :). Glad you made all those good decisions and that we are getting married

Jeffrey and Carmen said...

Me too. Couldn't be happier with life if I tried!