Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Perfectly Pink

I stole this idea from Talia’s Blog and Zoey’s Blog (they both got the idea from Danielle's blog Hellow Owl) and seeing as I LOVE everything pink I thought I’d take part too so enjoy!

My pink Mobile Phone

My car money box

My gaint Pink calculator

Puss' bell and collar

Pink and brown pen that Dad made me

My school books, lots of pink folders

Material from my bridesmaids dresses

Pink flowers in my room from our engagement party

Canvas on my bedroom wall from kevin. He knew I liked pink too.

My sheets are pink!

Pink lip gloss and body powder

Pink jewellery from Jeffrey for my 22nd birthday!

Pink clothes I like to wear!

My pink blender that Mum and Dad gave me for Christmas years ago!


Talia said...

I like the pink folders!

Zoey and I did this as part of a meme over at Hellow Owl- so Danielle there really deserves the credit and link!

You should add your name to the list and look at everyone else's pretty pink things!

Jeffrey and Carmen said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I've linked to Danielle's blog as well!