Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last Few Weeks in Photos

Unfortunately my poor little Misadventures of Carmy and Jeff blog is missing out on as many updates lately because I’m also busy writing posts on my other blogs

Our Wedding Journal –

Palmwoods Baptist Church –

So I thought I’d give you an update with my Week in Photos post only I’ve titled this one Last Few Weeks in Photos to give you a proper update! Hope you enjoy it and hopefully I’ll get a chance to update this blog a little more often.

We went to watch Kevin playing Rugby League... I think.

Us watching the game
Church fliers went out this week and I recieved on in the mail!
Have been perfecting my coffee making skills
Out the front of our house... will only look like this for a little bit longer. It's having a make over!
Coffee beans that Brett gave us!!
Puss is getting more and more interested in the birdies!
Lots of coffee and we've had quite a bit of apple pie for dessert this week. So good!
We celebrated Jeffrey's 25th Birthday. I made him a birthday cake!
Birthday lunch with friends
Us at church having morning tea
Dressed up as Mary and Joseph for Talia and Luke's party!
Puss insisted on helping me put together my new recipe book.
It's still raining and there is actually a cyclone on it's way too. Eeeek!
Jeff recieved parcels all week.
We visited Koorong and came home with new CDs. Listening to WOW Worship right now

Jeff on his actual birthday with mango cheesecake!
Uncle Kevy came to visit Puss... she did not like it!
Jeff took this when I fell asleep at the lodge. Just shows how busy we've been.
At church one morning
Power went out again for about 7HRS!!!!!! So we had to have another candle lite dinner!

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