Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day – the day of love

I wanted to start this post off by reminding you that whilst Valentine’s Day is fun and a great day to spoil the one you love, you can make everyday Valentine’s Day... not just the 14th February each year. I also wanted to point out that whether you are single, married, with someone or engaged, you’re Father in heaven loves you more than any human can. So let’s not forget His incredible love for us and what He scarified for us!
Jeffrey’s and my Valentine’s Day started a little earlier then the 14th because we knew we’d be busy with church and Jeff has to mind the lodge at the moment. Friday afternoon a beautiful bunch of pink lilies, chocolates and a lovely card arrived at my house. I felt so spoilt and the flowers are just now opening and filling the house with their amazing perfume. When Jeff got back from work I gave him his presents, a set of silver cufflinks with a Swarovski crystals and his name and our wedding date engraved on them. They are for him to wear with his suit on our wedding day! He was very pleased and surprised!

Today (Sunday – Valentine’s Day) Jeff and I went to church to celebrate the love that our Lord has for us no matter what. After church we went up to Montville for coffee. This was probably the only negative thing about our day. We went to a lovely cafe with an amazing view but because we just wanted a coffee we were asked to move from the table we sat at and sit up the back... away from the view. We found it really quite rude, like we were simply a dollar sign to this place and not valued customers. I’ve never come across a place like this before and unfortunately will not be recommending it to others.

After that we headed into town to wander around the shops and have a Boost Juice! I even bought a beautiful pair of earrings to wear with the ‘going away dress’ that my Nana is making me. They are so cute!!!

Overall we had a lovely Valentine’s Day together and finished off the day by watching two movies from the ‘Love Comes Softly’ series!

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