Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Week in Photos

It’s only Friday but I thought I’d give you an update on my week so far. In fact I thought I’d give you my week in photos!!
My beautiful lillies started opening up! They smell amazing.

It's been SUPER hot this week so on Jeff's day off we escaped to the aircon of the Plaza with Kevin. This is a picture of the BIG rain clouds that appeared!

And down came the rain. Praise the Lord! We really really needed it.

I don't think I've ever been quite so happy to see rain! Jeff, Kevin and I praised the Lord all the way out of the Plaza haha!

Jeff bought himself a brand new, comfy desk chair that we had to fit in the Polo somehow!

The Lodge got a bit flooded in from the rain!

And flooding over the road!

Puss has been a little bit naughty this week. Running outside the second a door is opened, getting on the roof 4 times (once at night) and ALMOST catching one of our pretty birds. Naughty Girl!!!

I had my first relief day for the year on Thursday. I taught Year 4/5 for 3hrs. They were little angels! Was a great day back.

Our power has gone out 3 times this week. Once was during dinner time for an hour on Thursday night so we ate by candle light and sat around talking til it came back on.

Today (Friday) Mum and I are going down to Brisbane to look around the shops and at night are going to a concert at QPAC. We're also catching up with my friend Ash and her mum for dinner... and maybe Jeff.

Saturday Jeff has the day off work so we'll probably hang out and maybe find out some information about our honeymoon. Prices, locations, deals etc.

Sunday is always totally dedicated to church. We very rarely have the day to ourselves, even after church. We have normal service at 10am, followed by morning tea, lodge service at 1pm and afternoon tea at the lodge.

I believe things are just going to get busier and busier from now on! Work, wedding planning, honeymoon planning, collect things for our house, saving for our house, buying a house/building a house. Exciting times are ahead!!!

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