Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Owen Family Traditions

This is my very last Christmas at home as Miss Owen! Next year we might just still be living here (if we don’t have a house yet) but I’ll be married to Jeff. Thinking about this fact made me reflect on my 23 years of Christmas with my family and some of the family traditions we have built together.

Putting up the Christmas tree on the 1st December

An advent calendar made by Mum. We get to open a little present each day until Christmas eve.

Opening our presents at home as a family in our PJs.

Lunch with my extended family at either a restaurant or at someone’s house

Celebrating my Aunty’s birthday in the night time

Sending out Christmas cards

Going Christmas present shopping for the family

Christmas cooking of some kind

I always remember santa coming down our street on the fire truck

Secret santa with the extended family which seems to never be a secret!

Always getting dressed up in red and green for Christmas day

Putting up the Christmas lights

Watching Christmas movies (Miracle on 34th is my favourite)

Going on a holiday 3 days before Christmas (we haven’t done this for a long time though)

I’m sure that Jeff and I will come up with some of our own Christmas traditions and things that we will do each year to celebrate the festive season. Now that we’re engaged things have changed at Christmas quite a lot as we have to see both sides of the family and have more gifts to give out but it’s still fun. I’ve spent a fair bit of time taking photos of my last Christmas and making it extra special by doing things I’ve always wanted to like making a gingerbread house, lots of cooking, Christmas music, decorating and lots more!

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