Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10th Day til Christmas

On the 10th day til Christmas... I went to the hairdressers to get my hair cut! It’s been over a year so I really needed it. Now my hair feels and looks great. I’d really like to get it cut shorter but I’m leaving it til after the wedding next year. I also got a product to protect and set my hair after I’ve straightened it so I’ve been using the straighter. As a side note if you don’t have a GHD straightener I’d recommend you get one and you’ll never look back.

Mum and I did some grocery shopping after the hairdressers and picked up some very yummy food for the next few weeks – Mmmm Mango yoghurt! It was pretty warm today but I managed to get in a bit of a nap before getting ready for Chris graduation.

The QUT graduation was in the Concert Hall at Qpac and might I add kicked my dodgy graduation in the butt! We all got dressed up and headed down to Brisbane in the afternoon and while Chris got his robe and hat Mum, Dad and I had coffee and went for a walk around Southbank. We sat down near the pools and chatted for a while which was really nice.

The Graduation was really good and I had fun taking lots of photos. Afterwards Chris headed off with his friends and Jeff walked over from work to get a lift home with us. When we got home Jeff took me over to his house to see his kitty cat that his Dad is minding for us until we get married. I love her to bits so we spent some time playing with her before Jeff took me home. All in all the 10th day was fairly busy but great!

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