Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last day til Christmas!!!!!!

On the last day til Christmas... I was still awake from our night of shopping. Jeff had a nap at my house while I made him some breakfast and lunch for work. I also did some washing so he had plenty of clean clothes for Sydney. After he left for work I watched some TV and napped until 1:30pm.

In the afternoon I sat on my bed watching The Santa Clause whilst folding church brochures. While I was folding I hear over a loud speaker ‘Merry Christmas’ so I raced down the driveway with the camera to see Santa on the fire truck. They do it ever year, in 2005 we water bombed Santa... maybe again next year hey!

Uncle Greg and Aunty Jeanette came over at about 5am so I sat around with them having nibbles and chatting. They gave me an award, ‘Facebook Fanatic!”. I love it, think I should frame it above my computer hahaha! When Jeff got back from work we opened our last advent presents and he got a fire extinguisher and fire blanket while I got a $50 voucher for Pure Indulgence! Love it!

In the evening we dropped off to Jeff’s dads to give him a Christmas present then over to Brett and Kate’s for the family Christmas eve party. We had dinner, chatted, did the family circle and opened presents. I got a candle holder, incense and jewellery but I must say that giving is so much nicer then receiving. Jeff and I gave Brett and Kate a photobook of their wedding photos and they just loved it! In fact everyone did. They loved it so much that there was even tears! Was a very special moment with them!

After the family dinner we visited Kevin and then headed back to my house. It’s now 2am so I’m heading to bed before it’s light outside. Looking forward to Christmas morning! So I hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 days til Christmas as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them.

Have a very Merry Christmas and don’t forget the true reason we celebrate, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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