Monday, December 7, 2009

Gingerbread Makes it Feel Like Christmas!!!

This Christmas seems to be one of much gingerbread! I decided to make gingerbread star cookies for my friend’s gifts and decorate them with smarties and chocolate freckles. I also decided to try my hand at making a gingerbread house. I’ve seen them so many times in shops at Christmas but never thought I could actually make one. Well it took a few days and much patience but it now sits at our front door as a decoration. I plan to take it with me on Christmas day to share with the family. Mum and I are also going to make a gingerbread Christmas tree thing which I’ll take pictures of. But for now I thought I’d leave you with my recipe because it’s really yummy. You can also check out my Christmas pics here.

Gingerbread Recipe


125g butter at room temp

Half cup brown sugar

Half cup golden syrup

1 egg separated

2 and half cups of plain flour

1 tablespoon of ground ginger

1 teaspoon of mixed spice

1 teaspoon of bicarb

1 cup icing sugar

Food colouring

Lollies to decorate

Method – Dough

1. Turn oven on to 180 degrees and line trays with baking paper

2. Beat butter and brown sugar until creamy

3. Add golden syrup and egg yolk

4. Sir in ginger, flour, mixed spice and bicarb

5. Mix until a dough forms

6. Cover and put in fridge for half an hour (I never do this though!)

7. Roll out the dough on a floured surface

8. Cut out the shapes and put on baking trays

9. Cook for 10 – 12 minutes or until golden

10. Leave it to cool so the gingerbread goes hard

11. Decorate

Royal Icing

1. Put the egg white in a clean bowl and beat until soft peaks form

2. Slowly add in the icing sugar

3. Add colouring

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