Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas day 2009

After much anticipation and counting down, Christmas day is now over. It was a really special day with my family but I did really miss Jeff. He’s down in Sydney with his family. I’ll give you a rundown of what happened on my Christmas day and have loads of pictures to share with you on facebook.

We all got up at 8:30am and opened presents around the tree. Jeff’s dad dropped by to pick up Jeff just after 9am to take him to his family. After presents we all chilled out until it was time to get ready and head over to Nana and Poppy’s house for Christmas lunch. After lunch we had our Secret Santa presents which is always fun! My Secret Santa was Poppy and he gave me a tea cup, saucer and plate with a rooster on it (bit of a family joke from years ago when I made a clay chicken for art at school.) He also gave me a framed copy of Rules for Women Teachers 1915 which is quite interesting... I’ve pretty much broken every rule though. I’ll add a picture on facebook so you can read them yourself!

By far the best Secret Santa present was from my brother to my little cousin Morgan. She’s just turned 18 and is into drinking. Chris gave her a bottle of rum which was actually a rum bottle with Ginger Beer in it. That in its self would have been funny but she carried this bottle around all day, very proud of it and saving it for shots with Chris in the night time. By the time she opened it at night every single person knew it was ginger beer but her! She added it to her drink and said ‘Wow this isn’t very strong is it?’ and added more! After Chris and my Uncle sculling after the bottle each and the horrified look on Morgy’s face, she figured it out. Really very very funny moment!

Anyway back to Christmas day, after Secret Santa and dessert we opened presents! For Christmas I got a new Canon IXUS 100is camera, $55 movie money, a DVD from Chris, dip bowl and knife, spice rack, $150 in cash, face towel, lavender soap, mortar and pestle, silk scarf, towels, wedding guest book, lottery ticket so we can win $30 million and a voucher for my uncle to Tint our car!

In the night time we headed over to my cousins house and all jumped straight in the pool for an hour or so. It was so nice! It’s my Aunties birthday on Christmas day so we had a birthday dinner and cake before Sarah and I had a second swim. By the time we got home I was exhausted but really happy. I also got to chat to Jeff a few times during the day, he’s bring home MORE presents for me wooohooo! He’s had a lovely Christmas too!

Christmas eve and Christmas day 2009 were just great and I’ll always remember them especial since it was my last Christmas as Miss Owen and most likely at home! Very special!

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