Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9th Day til Christmas

On the 9th day til Christmas... Rachel and I took little Frank to the dog beach for a long walk. It was just the perfect weather for a walk... I’ve got a touch of sunburn and my feet hurt from the hot sand and footpath so very warm. We had a great chat and I just love Frank, he’s gorgeous. I also quite enjoyed the exercise and plan to do a little more over the school holidays.

After our huge walk which took almost 2hrs, Rachel stayed for lunch and we had our favourite – chips and salad! We deserved it after walking so far. By the time she left little Frank was just forcing his eyes to stay opened awww!

I had a well earned nap in the afternoon and cooked my favourite pasta for dinner. Mum was out so either I cook or we have baked beans and I HATE baked beans haha! I don’t mind, I love cooking and everyone seems to like it too. Before Mum went out she made a HUGE batch of chocolate and macadamia cookies so we’ve all been snacking on those too.

I’ve pretty much spent the rest of the night blogging, listening to my audio bible and surfing the web. I’m feeling really good! I think being out in the sunshine gives you a boost!

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