Sunday, December 20, 2009

6th Day til Christmas

On the 6th day til Christmas... I got up at about 9am and went shopping with Dad. First of all we went to one of his favourite coffee shops and had breakfast. I had the most delicious vanilla slice and a hazelnut latte. Yummmo! We did a little bit of Christmas shopping but tried to be quick because the shops are so busy at the moment. Dad bought his secret santa present which I can’t say much about but is very funny. I might blog about it after Christmas day!!!!

Dad and I always have a nice time when we go shopping or just out generally on a Saturday. We always have a nice coffee, yummy food and talk ALOT! The one thing I love about being an adult is talking and spending time with my parents more as friends than as authority figures. My relationship with both of them is so different now and I love it!

While we were shopping I caved in and bought the facial products I’ve been wanting for so long. I’ve held off because they cost a lot but I wanted them so they’d help me clear up my skin for the wedding. I’m now getting used to the routine of using them daily.

In the night time Jeff and I went over to his dad’s house and played with TimTam, had hot chocolates and practiced Christmas carols for Sunday church.

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