Sunday, December 20, 2009

5th Day til Christmas

On the 5th day til Christmas... we had a VERY busy day!!! First of all we went to church and Jeff and I worship lead together the Christmas carols. We also did an item where we sang ‘O Holy Night’ which Simon recorded. The church has now got a new sound system, recording equipment, a data projector setup and aircon. The best bit is that it’s all portable!

After church and morning tea we headed down to Brisbane, picked up Kevin and went over to our friend Ashleigh’s house. We haven’t seen her for quite a while and had a Christmas present to give her. We were very lucky and she gave us a recipe journal and some affirmation cards. Kevin also blessed us so much by giving us an Espresso Machine for Christmas. Thank You Kevin!!!! You have a lifetime of coffees at our house!

We picked up Ash and her friend Andrew headed to the big shopping centre for lunch. Jeff and I had Japanese takeaway which I thought I wouldn’t like but it was really quite yummy. I took loads of photos and we window shopped. Jeff looked in the Apple Store and Kevin looked in Telstra (you’d think they’d want to stay away from work on their days off!) I saw so many shops I’d like to look in a little more so we’ve decided to go back for the 24hr shopping on Wednesday!

After dropping Kev to his car and Ash and her friend home, Jeff and I went to Kevin’s church for a Christmas dinner (so yum) and church service. It was really good but I was also very tired! I got up at 8:45am and didn’t leave Brisbane til 8:30pm!!!! When we got home, Kevin dropped by and we made our first ever coffees with the Coffee Machine. They tasted great!!!!! I’m looking forward to many delicious lattes now!

I’m glad the 5th day is over because I’m exhausted but it was a great day and I don’t think my days will get much slower until after Christmas.

Check out some pics here!

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