Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4th Day til Christmas

On the 4th day til Christmas... I had such an exciting day... I did two loads of washing woohoo! Well it had to be done at some point. I did some washing for Jeff because he’s heading down to Sydney on Christmas day to spend a week with some of his family. I spent the rest of the day watching TV and listening to my audio bible. I’m a bit behind in my bible reading and have to get it finished by the end of the year which isn’t long. I’m going to start something different for my quiet time with God for next year but I’ll blog about that at a later time.

In the night time when Jeff finished work we headed over the Simon and Jan’s house to pick up the recording of ‘O Holy Night’ from church on Sunday. We ended up stay for a cup of tea and a chat for an hour or so. I’ve also bought home all of the newly printed church brochures which need to be folded and given to the post office to be sent out. I’ve now got 8000 brochures to fold and bundle into lots of 50! Big job but I don’t mind doing it while I watch TV. I’m just thankful that I can be a servant to my Lord and I pray He will continue to use me.

Also Jan gave me a whole heap of those tubes of herbs because she works for the place that makes them. So I felt inspired to make Basil and Feta pasta. I decided to cook some for me and some for Jeff's lunch the next day. It turned out really nice! I just cooked the pasta, drained it and added tomoato, onion, basil, olive oil, salt pepper and garlic. Cooked it and served with feta on top. So yummy!

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