Monday, December 14, 2009

12th Day Til Christmas

I can be a pretty lazy blogger so I thought to make up for the year I’ll write a set of blogs which I’m called

The 12 Days Til Christmas

I’ll blog all about what I’m up to for the 12 days leading up to the 25th December and add pictures if I can. (I’m getting a new camera for Christmas!)

On the 12th day til Christmas... I spent the day at church in the lovely air-conditioning that just got put in. We had to arrive early so Jeff could setup the keyboard as he and his dad played the song that Jeff wrote as a special item this morning. It’s a beautiful song called ‘There is One God in Heaven’.

Our Pastor, Simon has been preaching a series on Prayer. Last week he spoke about being ready to do the work God wants when you pray. I liked the way he put it – pray with your shoes on so you’re ready to go! And this week he spoke about asking God to do things but not telling Him how to do them. God answers our prayers all the time but not necessary how we thought He would. It was a great message and really gave me a good kick into action as I’ve been lazy with my prayer lately.

After church we had lunch with Jeff’s Dad, the Pastor and his wife then spent a few hours discussing the design of the church website that Jeff is building. It was hard leaving the air conditioning but Jeff took me to Joyce Mayne to buy my Christmas present, a Canon IXUS 100is digital camera. We also looked at phones Jeff would like for Christmas as his has got a massive crack through the middle of the screen.

At night Jeff took me back to the church and Pastor Simon setup all the sound equipment so we could practice the Christmas carols for next week’s service. Jeff and I are going to worship lead together and do a special item.

The 12th day til Christmas was actually very busy, I hope there not all like this one!

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