Monday, December 14, 2009

11th Day til Christmas

On the 11th day til Christmas... I spent the very early hours of the morning (until about 4am) researching the cost and destinations for our honeymoon. We had a place in mind but looks like we can’t afford to go there and buy a house. It looks like we might have to settle for a much closer destination. We don’t really mind as long as we’re together.

After sleeping most of the day, Mum took me to a meeting with district office to chat about my job options in the future. Wouldn’t say it was much help but I also can’t say I’m bothered. I enjoyed my relief work and I also enjoy the freedom of not working every day. It’s just the paying off a house bit that makes me needing a job more urgent. I think we could still survive without me working full time but only just!

I also spent the early hours of the morning making a list of all the different places I will have to change my name. I have almost 20 different companies/organizations to contact once we’re married. I’m going to be a busy girl

Advent present number 14 was $20 which is always handy. Thanks Mum! Jeff’s was after shave which I really like the smell of!

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