Monday, November 9, 2009

Here Comes November Again!

November seems to come around very fast each year. I still remember writing this post about November last year. Usually I'm very excited because it's almost my birthday but this year I'm just very tired and I guess a bit overwhelmed with planning a wedding. My birthday is on Thursday (2 more sleeps) and I decided that truly I have everything I could ever want and feel very content. I'm just going to have a small dinner with my family, no fuss! I couldn't be happier. Rachel took me out for coffee and cake yesterday which was a lovely suprise and really really nice! Thanks Rachel :)

Plenty of other things have been happening in the world of Carmy and Jeff. I'll give you a small update:

- We bought a HP mini laptop from our friend Jason with a portable DVD/burner.
- Jeff has discovered white TimTams... I'm pretty sure he thinks they've changed his life hahahaha! We don't seem to be without them at home now.
- Term 4 has actually been quite busy for work and I've been working at Peachester, GCCC, Glenview and Beerwah.
- We finally found time to wash and polish Dobo (the Polo) and it's paint came up beautifully. We couldn't be happier.
- We celebrated 7/11 by having free surplees (so important in our lives hahaha!)- We found time for a date night at long last. Toscan's and San Churros Mmmmmmm!
- My wedding dress is half made and looking beautiful
- Jeff has been trying to get all the boys suits and ties sorted out
- I spent $28 and bought a new LCD screen for my camera, hoping Jeff can put it in and will be able to take nice pictures again.
- Totally paid off Jeff's loan and have offically started to save for our house woohooo!!!

I've also started a wedding blog so I've moved all my wedding posts over there and will continue to update it. Check it out - Our Wedding Journal


Talia said...

Ah! No link to the wedding blog!?!

Jeffrey and Carmen said...

Opps, all fixed. Thanks Talia :)

Talia said...

*phew* !

Now I have something lovely to read!!

Jeffrey and Carmen said...

It's great to hear you say that, blogging can sometime be a lonely activity... as I'm sure you know too.

Jeffrey said...

wow did I buy that laptop in november :0. time is flying.