Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I know this post is a tad late but better late then never I say. One week ago today was my 23rd birthday and I just wanted to thank everyone that made it extra special by sending their love and best wishes. I must have got over 30 messages by text and facebook! Gosh I felt loved.
I spent my special day at home (TRACER didn't call me woohoo) and went out for dinner with my family at night time. I got lots of lovely presents: a GHD hair straighter from Mum and Dad, money, two bunches of flowers, gift vouchers, bundle of things from Kevin, picnic mat, sewing cushion, cheese knive and phone cover.

On Saturday Jeff's family had a BBQ where we celebrated my birthday and another family member Emma too! I'm a very lucky girl and couldn't have had a more special day so thank you everyone!

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