Monday, October 5, 2009

23 things before I'm 23

Talia just updated her blog with a post about 23 things she'd like to do before she's 23. Well I just realised that I'm 23 in just over a month so this post is more of a list of things I'd like to or need to get done by then.

1. Get up to date with my bible reading. (I'm a fair bit behind!)

2. Start organising christmas presents

3. Clean out the Dobo... he's looking a bit messy

4. Get some more teaching days

5. Book someone to make our wedding cake

6. Go walking more often

7. Plant some herbs in my side garden

8. Totally pay off Jeff's loan

9. Get my burner working again

10. Burn a CD of wedding photos for Jan and Simon

11. Continue to pray for Jeff and his young adults study group

12. Cook a little more

13. Blog a little more

14. Buy one thing from my wedding list

15. Eat healthier

16. Less chocolate more salad!

17. Continue saving my gold coins

18. Continue saving for our house

19. Buy the ribbon for our invites

20. Get my camera back

21. Sort out my centrelink issues

22. Give my room a bit of a spring clean

23. Decide what I'd like for my birthday!