Monday, September 14, 2009

Siman and Jan's Wedding

Jeff and I had a busy weekend as we had two birthday parties and a wedding. Our Pastor got married on Sunday after church and I sang at the wedding as well. It's was a really beautiful ceremony and we got to see the Pastor who's going to marry us doing a service. It was only a small service but it was truly beautiful and very special to see two people who you could just see God wanted together!

It made me feel extra excited that we got to see the Pastor who's going to marry us doing this service. We got to chat to him about starting our pre-marriage counselling and about the wedding in general. We're going to do 3 sessions next year and will be travelling to Rockhampton for one of them at least! I think Jeff is pretty happy about that as he loves visiting everyone in Rocky!

We've started to talk about how we'd like our ceremony to take place, how we'd like our vows to be said and who can do what. We're also going to sing so trying to figure out where to fit that in. It's really important that our wedding is something that will honour God because we wouldn't be getting married if it wasn't for Him. We're also going to have a lot of non-Christians present so we definitely would like a small message to share the gospel!

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