Monday, September 14, 2009

I don't really like to write negative blogs but I need to share about whats been happening at the moment. At least I can read back on this blog and remember how I felt night now. So things are feeling extremely full on and to be honest just a little too overwhelming!
My class at school is less then well behaved, in fact they are horrible. I seem to have behavour problems coming out of my ears. Now lets get one thing straight, just because it's stressing me out DOESN'T mean I can't handle it. I'm handling them quite find but it is very stressful and a lot of extra work. The school performance is the most stressful part as the school expects a good performance but my class can't stand still let alone sing and do actions! I'll be extremely happy when it's over on Wednesday night! Mum's coming in to give me a hand for the next two days which is a HUGE blessing!

Wedding Planning
Yes this is very much fun but getting down to the nitty gritty is a bit stressful... most likely because I'm thinking about it on top of my school stuff. At the moment I'm trying to find bridesmaid shoes that will fit and suit each of the 5 girls. I found some really pretty black shoes but I'm not sure if they will suit their dresses! I'm also thinking about invitations and have been making some practice ones! I think I'll put the planning aside until the school holidays! It's also hard because I have an idea of how things will look in my head and it NEVER works out the same. I just have to cancel my thoughts and look at whats in front of me.

On top of all that I fell down the steps yesterday and my leg is so very sore. I can't really bend down at the moment! Must've fulled a muscle in it. Oooweeeeee. Hopefully it gets better quickly because I have to be at school all of this week.

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