Monday, September 21, 2009

By God's Grace

12 Months and 15 days
By God's amazing grace things are starting to really come together for our beautiful wedding. I've been thinking about it so much that I even had a nightmare about the colours we picked out hahaha! I was so glad to wake up! More then anything I'm excited about being a wife to my amazing future husband Jeffrey! We've both been talking a lot about being married and we absolutely can't wait!

I'm so grateful that we decided to have a long gap between engagement and wedding because I can make sure everything is well and truly organised. Slowly but surely it is and I'm so grateful for the help I've been getting from family, friends and of course Jeff! I'm especially grateful that God is in everything that we do.

This week we got all the bridesmaid shoes and we also bought the paper for the invitations (because it was on sale woohooo!) Talia has given me some awesome invitation ideas which I've incorporated with mine to come up with what we'll be having! But Jeff was the clever bunny who came up with the main idea just as Mum and I were walking out the door to the paper shop. I'm so happy that he wants to be involved in everything... even the paper! We're going to check out suits on Friday which he's quite happy about.

Bad news is that I took out my camera on Sunday and it's screen (not the glass, the LCD) was all cracked and almost impossible to read. I have to send it away to be assessed and find out if it's covered by warranty or not. I bet it will take ages though!

That's about all that's been happening. I'm also on school holidays and am starting to do a little bit of exercise each day. I enjoyed my time teaching the Year 1/2s and I've added a few pictures here or what we got upto. We also helped Rachel and Aaron move house which you can check out here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Siman and Jan's Wedding

Jeff and I had a busy weekend as we had two birthday parties and a wedding. Our Pastor got married on Sunday after church and I sang at the wedding as well. It's was a really beautiful ceremony and we got to see the Pastor who's going to marry us doing a service. It was only a small service but it was truly beautiful and very special to see two people who you could just see God wanted together!

It made me feel extra excited that we got to see the Pastor who's going to marry us doing this service. We got to chat to him about starting our pre-marriage counselling and about the wedding in general. We're going to do 3 sessions next year and will be travelling to Rockhampton for one of them at least! I think Jeff is pretty happy about that as he loves visiting everyone in Rocky!

We've started to talk about how we'd like our ceremony to take place, how we'd like our vows to be said and who can do what. We're also going to sing so trying to figure out where to fit that in. It's really important that our wedding is something that will honour God because we wouldn't be getting married if it wasn't for Him. We're also going to have a lot of non-Christians present so we definitely would like a small message to share the gospel!
I don't really like to write negative blogs but I need to share about whats been happening at the moment. At least I can read back on this blog and remember how I felt night now. So things are feeling extremely full on and to be honest just a little too overwhelming!
My class at school is less then well behaved, in fact they are horrible. I seem to have behavour problems coming out of my ears. Now lets get one thing straight, just because it's stressing me out DOESN'T mean I can't handle it. I'm handling them quite find but it is very stressful and a lot of extra work. The school performance is the most stressful part as the school expects a good performance but my class can't stand still let alone sing and do actions! I'll be extremely happy when it's over on Wednesday night! Mum's coming in to give me a hand for the next two days which is a HUGE blessing!

Wedding Planning
Yes this is very much fun but getting down to the nitty gritty is a bit stressful... most likely because I'm thinking about it on top of my school stuff. At the moment I'm trying to find bridesmaid shoes that will fit and suit each of the 5 girls. I found some really pretty black shoes but I'm not sure if they will suit their dresses! I'm also thinking about invitations and have been making some practice ones! I think I'll put the planning aside until the school holidays! It's also hard because I have an idea of how things will look in my head and it NEVER works out the same. I just have to cancel my thoughts and look at whats in front of me.

On top of all that I fell down the steps yesterday and my leg is so very sore. I can't really bend down at the moment! Must've fulled a muscle in it. Oooweeeeee. Hopefully it gets better quickly because I have to be at school all of this week.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What a Week

This week has just flown by for me! I've been getting to school at 7:30am every morning because Mum and Dad went to Tassie for a week and Jeff has been dropping me to school. My class is still very full on and I'm constantly writing down problems in my behaviour book.

I had my first angry parent on Thursday morning. They came in and pretty much yelled at me over their child being bullied. I spent most of the morning sorting out the problem and talking to kids involved. Fun fun!

Next week is going to be even more busy with the school performance. Monday is the technical run through, Tuesday is the dress rehearsal and Wednesday we have a matinee performance and a night one that starts at 6:30pm... very late night for the teachers. I can't wait until the school holidays begin!

So that's about how school is going at the moment. I've also been looking at invitation ideas with Talia and have been trying to think of exactly what will look really nice!