Monday, August 10, 2009

Why I'm a blogger!

Tonight I somehow found myself reading through pages upon page of Sunshine Talia's Blog - Life's Visual Journal. Talia has always been a very committed blogger and the reason I started The Misadventures of Carmy, was from reading her blog.

I'm a very reflective person and tonight just reading through her blog reminded me of why I blog. I love to look back on photos, letter, posts etc and think about where I was and whats changed. I just love to remember what has happened in my life so far! I feel it's very important for me to blog about big things in my life and that why I've had so many wedding posts. I couldn't help but smile and nod in agreance as I read Talia's posts about wedding planning.

On the wedding front we've had a problem with the bridesmaid dresses. I picked out a gorgeous material to go over the top of the satin but it got discontinued. I'm now on the hunt for a similar colour. You know when you find something and its perfect so you can't get it out of your head? Well that's whats happened with this. My wonderful fiance has agree to go to as many material shops with me as possible so I can look. What a great guy hey!!!!

I feel so blessed to have such a long time to fuss over things for our wedding and I like things to be perfect and well organised. I don't think I'm a bridezilla but I do like to think carefully about my decisions. It's also been a bit of a balance between cost and things we want for our special day. I'm still tossing up whether we need a videographer... I really want too!

I want a house and I want it now! This is seriously how I feel about this issue. It's driving me nuts looking at houses and knowing that we need to finish paying off Jeff's loan and get together a bigger deposit. I know it will happen and hopefully that will be next year before our wedding. Dad has offered to take me to the bank to talk about loans and the house buying process. I'm glad him and mum are on board to help us get our first home!

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