Friday, August 28, 2009

A Tough Week!

13 Months and 12 days!
This week has been quite tough. I've been sick with a rotten cold but also just started with my Year 1/2 class for 4 weeks. They are a very tough class to manage behaviour wise however I'm very happy to say I'm begining... very slowly to tame them. I didn't really feel like doing much last week but I'm hoping this week coming that I might get the classroom a little more organised and get some art and craft work happeing!

I've also got to put together the performance that my class does for the schools big performance night. Nightmare!!! We are singing 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf'. So i'm trying to find something for them all to wear and get the actions and props made. We've also got Father's Day and was thinking of making gingerbread men with them! I'm a sucker for punishment really haha!

In addition to all this work I've also been trying to finalise the bridesmaid dresses so that my Nanna can get started whenever she is ready. I've been backwards and forwards between Nanna and Poppy's house and the many material shops all week and tomorrow will hopefully buy the one I'm happy with. These dresses have been the hardest part of the planning as first the shop where we were going to buy them closed down and than the material I choose got discountinued. I've now found a colour VERY similar that will work out well! Fingers crossed.

I've also decided that getting 5 pairs of the right pink coloured shoes will be very tricky so I should start looking now. This will be the next problem... I just know it hahaha! Never mind, I have some great stories to tell about my wedding planning and God has everything undercontroll!

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