Thursday, July 30, 2009

Planning for a tough class!

I've got a contract in a couple of weeks time and I've been told it's a pretty tough class. (Never really know whether that's true or not!) I've decided that I have to start planning now so that they don't get the better of me and also so that the teachers see I can handle any class.

Behaviour Chart
I've made a behaviour chart that hangs from a hook on the wall. Each child has their own peg with their name on it. If they do the wrong thing they have to move it up a circle. At the end of the day they get to start new and put their peg back to the bottom circle. This is what each circle means to the children.

Good Job - No bad behaviour all day so they don't move.

Opps - They've done something wrong and have the chance to turn their behaviour around with my consequences.

Time Out - They have to sit at the time out desk in the classroom. (The amount of time depends on the behaviour)

Miss a playtime - They have to sit out at the next play.

Office - If they make it this far in one day they are in big trouble and have to go to the office.

I'm also going to explain to them that if their behaviour is completely unacceptable that I can choose where I move the peg too.

Raffle Tickets
For those children who do the right thing I hand out raffle tickets during the week. At the end of the week I have a draw and they can pick from my prize box which I keep well stocked with fun bits and bobs for that age group. I'm also adding free time tickets for this class. I write on the blackboard the amount of draws they get at the end of the week (I usually start it off at 6) and they know that I can rub them out if they are not listening or I can add more for doing the right thing.

I'm looking forward to working with this class and especially with the more challanging children. I really do like to make a difference to them and find out about their interests. I'm also looking into buying a portable printer and fixing my laptop so it works fast enough for usb internet.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The News in my Life

Recently I have welcomed some new things into my life. Over the school holidays I've really embraced these things and thought I'd share!

I realise (as do you, if you read my posts) that Jeffrey's and my wedding is still 13 months away however after trying on wedding dresses and starting to get fitted, I have decided I need to thin down a bit. I'm not huge or over weight but along with most girls, I have certain areas I'd like more toned. Once a day I've been pedalling my parents exercise bike for 15 - 30mins per day. So far I've managed to do it 6 days per week. It's a bit of an old, noisy beast but I can read and pedal so it does the trick!

I've also dragged out one of dad's lightest weights and am lifting it to help tone my arms.

Piano practice!
When I was younger I had many years of piano lessons which I just did nothing with. Over the fast few years Jeff has always tried to encourage me to play the piano again (but I wouldn't). He believed that I could play it but I totally didn't. So recently he gave me a massive shove to start playing again and I agreed. Turns out his belief in me was true and I actually can play!!!! However I believe that God is trying to teach me patience through piano playing as it drives me absolutely CRAZY that I cannot play quickly straight away. I'm very temperamental you know lol!

I've discovered that I can play every single melody line of all the songs in the hymn book (which is a lot of songs.) However I will have to practice very carefully to play all of the parts. Someday I hope to be able to play well enough to accompany my singing.

Tonight is my Poppy's 80th birthday party which I think is a massive milestone so I'll hopefully upload some photos to facebook in the next few days. I'm taking the SLR to get some nice snaps of this day.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

5 Thing I’d Recommend

Everyone has things they use that are brilliant so I thought I’d just share 5 of mine with you. If you are a blogger maybe you could write a post like this too! Sharing is caring afterall!

1. Tupperware Happy Chopper – I bought this from one of Talia’s Tupperware parties and I could not be happier with it. I can chop veggies, fruits, herbs (dry them first), nuts and I can even mince foods and puree foods. I use it just like a mini food processor. It’s safe because your fingers are away from the blades, quick to use and clean.

2. The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask – For almost $30 for a smallish tube, this stuff is quite expensive but use it sparingly and it’s fantastic. It just seems to draw the oil out of your skin and leave it feeling clean and natural. I love it and use it about twice a week. Also feels nice as it warms up on your face. It lasts me around about 6 months a tube.

3. GHD Hair Straightener – Again I realise these are very expensive but if you save up they are well worth the money. I can turn it on and 10 seconds later it’s more than hot enough to do the job. At its full heat it straightens so quickly and you can even be used as a curling iron.

4. Pasta Maker – Talia introduced me to making pasta and I just love it. It takes a tad bit longer but the taste is so different and really yummy. I find it hard to eat packet pasta now. Making your own means you know exactly what is in it. I’d definitely recommend spending a little extra and getting a good quality pasta maker as mine is a $25 one and it’s bending and the blades are not sharp anymore. I’m buying a new one from MYER when I’ve saved up.

5. Bamix – Another one for the kitchen! My parents own a Bamix and I can use it for so many different things. Whipping cream quickly, pureeing, making soups, milkshakes, frothing hot milk or my scrambled egg mix so they are light and fluffy.

Overall I think I recommend that spending a little more on certain items is important because they work better. My parents have bought good quality kitchen items and 30 years later still have them working perfectly. I hope that some of these might interest you and that you might recommend some things to me in your blog or in my comments.