Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holiday Time!

At last it's the school holidays again woohoo! I'm really enjoying not getting calls at 6am to work and in general not having to work at all! I've pretty much just spent time at home so far but am doing a little wedding planning with mum while we have time.
Being organised is just the best! So far our wedding plans are totally happening! Today we went to the most amazing little studio to look at flowers. I was just blown away at how beautiful they look and I think we'll probly go with this florist! I also found this website for getting flowers freeze dried http://www.theflowerfactory.com.au/. Not sure if we'll do it as it's pretty expensive but it's a great idea!

Last week Jeff and I were blessed enough to be able to go out a few times after he finished work. We went bowling (he beat me lol), had quite a few nights of coffee and went to the movies. The girls saw The Proposal - great movie but had some bits that weren't really appropriate or necessary.
Life is wonderful and I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful fiance, family and friends.

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