Monday, May 18, 2009


What does stress mean to me! I thought I’d write this blog because I’m really starting to feel the pressure at the moment. I’m certain that I don’t need to feel stress at all, in fact God instructs us not to worry. But I thought I’d share what happens to me when I feel stressed out.

- Headaches
- Neck ache
- Sleepless nights
- Hunger
- Thinking, thinking, thinking
- Planning, re-planning, re-re-planning!!!
- Talking and talking and more talking
- Busyness
- Pacing
- Praying
- Eye rubbing
- Writing

So maybe your wondering what I do to help relieve stress.

- Talk to someone, anyone, everyone
- Write it down (blog or prayer journal)
- Long warm shower/bath
- Music
- Write down plans
- Get away from the stress
- Pray, Pray, Pray (nothing else helps more than prayer)
- Eat
- Cuddles from Jeff!

I don’t know how you feel or how you react to stress but if you have anything interesting to share then drop it into the comment box. Sharing is caring J

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