Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today Rachel and I went shopping. I haven't been buying too many 'things'lately because we are trying to save up for a house and pay off any debt. It was a lot of fun just buying myself something and not thinking about saving for just a moment. I thought I'd share my purchases.

This lovely black pencil skirt.
You can't see but it has a really cute little back bit. I can't wait to wear it out somewhere.

I bought these nice little black heels to go with my skirt. Not too high so could be school heels... maybe.

This was my last purchase. Intimacy Ignited. It's a christian book about sex within marriage. I've not read it yet so I'm hoping it's good. Shall let you know.

It was a great day out and I'm happy with what I bought. We also got a letter confirming our booking at Maleny Manor (eeek excited!!!!) and I'm going dress shopping with Talia and Rachel on Saturday which I'm excited about too.

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