Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flu Season

Flu season has arrived and I'm starting to feel the effects of a sore throat and stuffy head. So I thought I'd share a few of my tips for chasing away the start of a cold or helping yourself once you've got one. After all we all want to be well and fast!

Tip One: garlic and horseradish tablets and ecinasia (sp?) are the best you can get for colds!

Tip Two: as soon as you feel you are getting sick e.g sore throat or stuffy head, then take a dosage of the tablets. They wont hurt you.

Tip Three: Try to eat healthy and get enough sleep each night. You'll keep healthy and prevent anything coming near you.

Tip Four: Fresh orange juice (or any fruit or veggie juice) is excellent for getting rid of sickness.

Tip Five: Get your hands on some REALLY good quality honey... look out for ones that are NOT heat treated as they hold the most anti-Bactria ingredients to keep colds away or help you get well fast.

Tip Six: add garlic to as many meals as possible! Nothing well come near you then lol!

Well I hope these tips are of help. They are probly common sense but are what I use!

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