Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a Little Boast!

I want to have a little boast about my wonderful husband-to-be! From the moment I met him I just knew he’d be the man I’d married and I’ve been so incredibly blessed by God with Jeff. I’ve been listening to some podcasts called ‘The Peasant Princess’ which is a sermon series on the book Song of Solomon.

The series is all about marriage and sex from a biblical point of view and I would recommend it to anyone who is getting married or who is married. As I’ve listened I have found myself agreeing with almost everything that is said and it has helped me so much to understand the way that Jeff is. He’s not perfect but he has been blessed with so many Godly qualities and I’m very grateful for this.

I can honestly say that Jeff always puts me first and would always protect me. He would drive 5hrs just to give me a hug if I needed it and would give up spending time with his friends for me. He wants to get married more than anything and I think this is a rare thing amoungst men these days. He is the head of us but listens to my thoughts and takes my feelings into consideration every time. Nothing is too expensive, too extravagant or to difficult as far as he is concerned and he is always willing to make my dreams comes true.

Now I wouldn’t say that picking out colours, organising guest lists and decorations is really something Jeff is interested in, at all. But whilst we’ve been planning our wedding he has been more than happy to sit and look at bridal magazines or at photos online for hours. Not because he enjoys it but because he loves me and wants to make me happy. What a man hey!!!!!
This blog post is just a boast about the man I am going to marry because I want everyone to know how wonderful he is and just how much I love him. I hope that you all can be as happy and blessed as I am!

God Bless.

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