Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Long Weekend

I can't believe it's Easter again! The year always goes so fast and we're back here again, but that's okay because I love chocolate. At the moment I'm trying to eat very carefully to lose some weight before I go looking for my wedding dress. We'll see how things go while chocolate and hot cross buns are all around me!!!

Yesterday we went over to Brett and Kate's house (Jeff's brother and his fiance) to have a BBQ and chat about their wedding setup. It's not long now until their big day, 2 weeks tomorrow I believe. I feel really excited for them and it also means that Jeff and I will be getting married in a year and a half. Did I mention our wedding date... Saturday 25th September 2010 is the plan! We just have to book our reception place so we can get that date.

Reception Venues

Mum and I have been looking at heaps of wedding venues over the past few weeks and now have a list we'd like to check out. We're trying to decide whether to look at them over these school holidays or wait a bit longer. Since we would really like that particular date we might have to start looking soon.


For Easter we are having my family over for dinner. Mum and I are cooking Cannelloni, roast potatos and desserts for everyone and decorating the house! We've also got lots of chocolate eggs, yum!!!

Not a whole lot else has been going on other then Jeff and I both trying to find full time jobs and looking at the house we really love!!!

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